Covid-19 Warning

Players, coaches, referees and any other spectator, whether worker or volunteer, must stay home if they do not feel well or present any symptoms of Covid-19 or have been exposed or in contact with someone who has been confirmed with Covid-19. All players and coaches must be evaluated before starting the game.

  1. Each coach will be responsible for keeping his players at a distance, as recommended.
  2. All coaches will have a list of their players participating in their practices.
  3. All coaches will have a list of their players participating in their practices.
  4. Before starting each practice, the coaches will use antibacterial gel that they will distribute to their players for them to use.
  5. After the practices, the players will not be allowed to gather more than 5 people. It will be recommended that everyone go home.
  6. Parents or guardians of players who are on the playing fields will be asked to be in social distancing and to wear a cover.
  7. All team coaches are being asked to speak with their players the day before their practices to see if they are in good health.
  8. In the case of attendees, they will be asked to maintain social distancing and wear a cover.
  9. If, in the event that a player becomes ill, I recommend that they stay at home so as not to be in contact with the other players. Also let all the players who know him know if they were in contact with him in recent days, so that they can take their precautions in case of contagion of covid-19
  10. It will not be allowed to be in large groups of players.
  11. Each team that uses the field will stay in one in zone A and the other in zone B.
  12. All groups that participate in practice games will be notified of the regulations we have.
  13. Sharing bottles of water between players will not be allowed.
  14. All participants must leave the field directly after practice using social distancing guideline so that the next group can have the field. No loitering on the field.
  15. All participants must dispose or take their trash with them when leaving the field.

Thank you!